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So Dear Flaco,

You have a dear fellow employee at your place of business.  I seem to remember that she has health insurance, right?  And, some time ago, she became sick and went to the doctor’s office.  There, the doc determined that she needed a shot of some kind and administered said shot.  Right?

And then she got sick?

Which caused her to undergo a hospital stay that ended up costing her ~9 grand.

Right?  Am I close?

And you seem to think that this is an unfair burden to be placed upon this woman/girl so early in life.  That somehow, this run of bad luck could somehow destroy her or set her far enough back that she may never recover?

So now, some questions.

  1. Has she disputed the bills with both the hospital AND the insurance company?
  2. Is she taking full advantage of both HSA and FSA accounts?
  3. Given that she has disputed the bills and lost, has she gone to the hospital to work out a payment plan?
  4. Has she investigated local, state or federal aid packages that may ALREADY be available?
  5. Are their local charities that she may apply for?
  6. Does she have family that can help her out?

If she has gone through all of that work and is still staring at 9 grand, do you really think that it’s unfair for her to have to pay for that?  Why?  If it’s unfair that she should have to pay for that, why is it fair that I have to pay for that?




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Dear Flaco,

So, Obama has decided that he is going to make a stand on this whole National Health Care thing.  He feels that America is not providing for her citizens and that many are going uncared for.  In fact, the number 47 million has been tossed around.  As in, there are 47 million uninsured people in the United States.

Can you help me clear up some confusion I have?

  1. How many of those 47 million are not even citizens?
  2. How many of those 47 million are kids now covered under S-CHIP?
  3. How many of those 47 million are people that make more than 300% of the FPL [poverty level] and choose not to purchase insurance?
  4. How many of those 47 million people have the ability to obtain insurance under existing government programs?

And then, when you are done obtaining –wait for it—–FACTS, please help me in determining how financially secure the French system is right now.

In advance –  Thanks,


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Dear Flaco,

So, now that Obama has managed to Socialize the auto industry, the bank industry and the insurance industry he is going after the health care industry.  If you listen to him, or to the news, which is really just the White House Public Relations division, you hear that our nation’s health care industry is broken.  That we pay too much and receive not enough.  In fact, I think if you listen long enough or careful enough you will eventually hear the evidence.

The United States has the highest health care costs and we rank 37th in quality.

And it kinda ends there. As if no further proof is needed or required.  We pay the most.  And we suck.  End of debate.

So, the answer is, or has to be, that the government is required to step ion and fix the problem.  Heck, not even that, we’re supposed to believe that the government is required to take on the problem.  In short, becaue we feel some how that the state of the industry is in such disarray, we are left with NO other option but to let the government step in and run the place.

All of this is weighty and tough stuff.  No one thinks that health insurance or medical care should be taken lightly.  So, let’s go through the process, shall we, at how Obama arrives at his conclusion:

  1. Wow.  We pay the most!
  2. Hmmm, but we don’t RANK 1st.
  3. Determine valid metrics to identify real goals and measures.
  4. Validate statistics.
  5. Study the industry.
  6. Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Conduct process analysis to identify possible solutions.
  8. Matrix solutions with costs and risks.
  9. Create a list of ranked solutions.
  10. Work down that list.
  11. Realize that no solution can work; farm out the responsibility to the government.

How does THAT work?  How is it, that given the critical nature of this whole conversation, almost zero work has been done?  Why do we simply read an excerpt from some source that we don’t investigate, ignore ALL other real life steps and just skip ahead to government must assume responsibility for this situation.

I challeneg you to begin to break this down like you would in the business world.  In a “health care world”, what is it that we expect?  How would we measure that?  How do we think that should be delivered?  What are we trying to attain?

Before you tell me that the only fix is government, you should at least tell me what’s broken and why.



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Dear Flaco,

So, after all of the huffing and puffing of the election, after all the plays and the jabs and the dust has cleared.  And when you have finally started to forget that I called Obama a Socialist–we are about to become a majority owner of GM.  I wonder what Socialism means?  Let’s check:

Dictionary.com –

A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Wikipedia – 

Socialism refers to any one of various economic theories of economic organization advocating state or cooperative ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities/means for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation.

Merriam – Webster –

Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

Alright, so, now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, I wonder, is this what you had in mind when you elected Obama as President?  Did you really want him to nationalize the banking industry, and the car industry, and the insurance industry and then the healthcare industry?  I wonder, did it bother you at the time that the man would drop 1.8 trillion in debt on us?  Or that he would, dare I say it, Raise taxes in a feeble effort to pay down that debt?  Yeah, see, now that the liberals are looking at the debt they have created, they are really Really trying to figure it out.

The answer?  A National Sales Tax!  How awesome is that?

Oh Flaco, my naive dumb liberal friend.  You have really put us in a fine mess this time!



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Dear Flaco,

Let’s see.  With baseball season right around the corner we can use it, the game of baseball, to illistrate my point.

So, let’s take the Minnesota Twins; my favorite team.  It goes without saying that I want them to succeed.  And to be clear, to succeed in this case is to win games, to win more games than all the other teams in their division.  In fact, I would say that all Twins fans want them to succeed.

So, okay, now, Ron Gardenhire is the manager, and, basically, he gets to decide things as they relate to the team.  He gets to pick who plays and where.  He decides if we’re going to steal, or bunt or move the defense.  So, let’s say, for the sake of argument–only to make a case that is over the top silly, that Gardenhire has stated publicly that he is trying to get me, Pino, to anchor the starting rotation, take the mound on opening day and then continue on, taking the ball every 5th day for the rest of the season.  I would bet that every Twins fan, literally, every single one of ’em, would hope, pray, call into sports radio and launch blogs that Gardenhire would FAIL in his attempt to name me that starter.

Sadly for Twins fans around the globe, Mr. Gardenhire has immense cache and has influence over even the GM, the guy that ends up deciding if Gardenhire gets to stay in his office.  And, in the end, wins out; Pino is the Opening Day starter.  Unbelievable.

Picture Opening day if you can.  The sun is shining bright over a thick green field.  The sounds of peanut vendors and calls of “Cold Beer” fill the air.  Anticipation grips everyone.  And then Pino runs to the mound.  At that moment, the manager’s “hope” has turned into reality and Pino is really going to pitch.  And all those Twins fans put the past behind them and are pulling for Pino to do what no one thinks he can; win the game.  Against all reasonable expectations, the Twins nation has gone from hating this guy to actually pulling for him to win.

See.  See how that works?  While in the “this is my plan phase”, all of creation wants The Manager to FAIL in his attempt to implement his solutions and plans for the team.  But once those ill advised solutions are reality, the whole of the fan base really really hopes they succeed.


Ahaa, there had to be a “but”.

What if there was another way?  What if Pino was not the last pitcher in the Twins organization and there was another option?  One that could still be implemented.  One that had a significantly better chance of benefiting the team in the bigger picture, as in, winning the Division.  How does that change our story?  Well, it would go like this….

In the minors there is a fireballer that is dead on can’t miss straight up money!  He is ready and how. All the world thought this kid was a shoe in to make the team, and in fact, all real baseball experts have said he could win the Cy Young.  But, there is one thing, he has a contract that states if he isn’t in the majors by the 10th game of the season, the Twins have to release him.  Remember, this is the Real Deal and Pino, well, Pino is 40 and never pitched a game in his life; no brainer.

Twins fans in every chair are hoping, actually expecting and pulling, for Pino to struggle so mightily that The Manager will come to his senses or, failing that, that the GM will remove him from Office so that the Kid can be brought up from the minors and drive the team to the Pennant.  Yes, that’s right, the fans are actually pulling for The Blessed Manager’s policy, now enacted, to fail.  Because by failing in the short run will save the team in the long run.

And THAT, my dear partisan friend, is how a Twins fan finds himself hoping that the Manager Fails to implement an idea, and failing that, might actually find himself pulling for some short term losses.

Take me out to the ballgame……



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Dear Flaco,

All things have value.  A baseball card, a hammer.  Minutes on a cell phone.  Your time, my time.  And the weird one; money.  Money has value.  It can be bought, sold and even invested so as to make more of it.  And when there is more of it then there used to be, we say that we are creating wealth.  When there is less of it than there used to be, pay attention here Obama lover, we say that we are destroying wealth.dollar

Now, if you can, just for a second, pretend that we stopped building stuff.  Doing stuff.  Making things.  Changing them from what they are now to what they could be.  That is, we just trade money for things that already are.  We have zero wealth growth.  All the money that was is the money that is.  And that, my skinny friend, is no good.  What we like better is for the pool of money to grow.  We want there to be MORE of it than there used to be.  This is a good thing and is what we mean when we say the economy is growing.

So, check it out.  There are people who are kinda bad with money; me.  And then there are people who are good with money; my wife.  And then there are people who are good at BUILDING money; yea ol’ entrepreneur.  This is the guy that takes random stuff that cost him $x and turns it into something that he can sell for $x+y dollars.  When y is large enough for him continue sacrificing time and risk, he will continue to generate y.  And when y is either small or negative, our hero will decide to shutter his shop and go back to work.  So, through natural selection, the strong vibrant businesses will succeed.  And the better the business, the better that success signa, will be—he will have made more money.

cobblerThe government.  Now the government does 1 of 2 things.  It either takes money and spends it, often foolishly.  Or, or, and this may be the worst of the two, it tries to make money by setting up it’s own shop.  But when it does this, it legislates it’s own competition out the door.  There is no competition, so there can be no y signals to let us know if the government is doing a good or bad job.

So, one the one hand, we have people who have more y than other people; because the are good at growing y.  And then we have the government who either wastes y or prevents other people from having the shot at presenting more y than Uncle Sam.

Now, here is why we wanna reduce taxes on the rich:

  1. If we tax the amount of y enough, at some point the shop keeper will tip.  What’s left after taxes is not worth the risk of opening his business.  And so he closes.  Or, doesn’t open to begin with.
  2. If the shop keeper is able to make y as a function of x, then by reducing his supply of money, he isn’t able to make the amount of y he should have.
    1. If you can make 10% profit and have 1000 bucks, you end with $1,100.  But if good ‘ol Unc’ takes 300 first, you only start with $700.  You now make $770.  So the State cost the state 30 dollars.
  3. The more you give to the government, the more the government wastes.  Either by foolish spending.  Or worse, by destroying the value by trying to go into business itself.

So you see my foolish foolish friend, this has NOTHING to do with setting up a system where by the rich just continue to exploit the poor.  You libtards may think that’s how it works because that’s how it looks, or perhaps more accurately, that’s how it feels.

jordanWhen you are down by 1 with 2.3 seconds left, you give the ball to Jordan everytime.  EVERY single time.  Why?  Because he has demonstrated that he knows how to make shots.  I, on the other had, demonstrated very early on that I don’t know how to make shots.  The same is true about money.

Does it suck that there are Jordans out there when it comes to making money and we are’nt one of ’em?  Maybe-sure.  But by trying to “level the playing field” we just jack it all up instead.



p.s. by the way, even when it’s Jordan making all the points, the rest of the team still gets a ring.  And so it is here in America.  Only in America can it be said that the poorest among us have cell phones, dvd players and air conditioning.

But hey, if I suck at basketball, so should you!

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Dear Flaco,

So, I need to letcha in on a little secret.  As a conservative, it’s not my goal to make the rich richer or keep the poor poorer.  I don’t think it’s okay to ignore those in need, ignore those who require help.  I really really wanna make the world a better place for as many people as possible.  And really, that means that I want the world to be better for more people tomorrow than it was for people yesterday.

In short:  You haven’t cornered the market on touchy feely, needs of the people, make the world a better place.

However, you and I do differ in one key  quality:  I don’t think that you can change natural law.  You, on the other hand, do.  Imagine my folly, when announcing that I would love to fly–like Superman-I learned that gravity was not subject to toggling “off”.

Back to health care, just for a second try to stay with me here.  Let’s use our favorite topic of all time–beer.  Good ‘ol faithful beer.  So, here is something that we love like and feel that we really kinda need want.  With me still?  Okay okay, sorry.  Go grab a beer.  I’ll wait.

Come one….you don’t need a glass!  Just get back over here!

Alright, back to it.  Beer.  In demand.  As in, really in demand.  So, why don’t they just raise the price of beer?  I mean, why bother with making beer that people wanna drink, just go out and raise the price.  Budweiser, in their annual meeting,  should simply decide what kind of revenue they would like to make and simply raise the price of their beer to accomplish that goal.  Serious.  These CEO’s are so wicked and evil, why should they allow the price of beer to dip to the levels that a working Joe <there’s Palin again–gotta love her> can afford it?

Ya wanna know why?  Because as soon as they do that, other beer companies come in and say, well, hell, I’ll charge just a dime less, steal all his customers.  And the rest, you see, is just an excercise in supply and demand.

So now, back to health care.  When a doctor puts out a shingle, he is proud, takes a picture and sends it to his mom!  He should be, big day, champion day!  And why not?  He’s worked hard, struggled hard to finish school, and boy did he, years and years of it.  And now, finally, he has his own—-wait, umm, yeah, about that med school.  Our hero has some bills to pay, and they ain’t no small kinda bills.  So now, he nervously looks at his shingle and, oops, notices he’s the only one on the sidewalk!  No sick people yet.  But, by God, he’ll make his money.  Oh yeah, he’ll make his.  But they never come.  Why?  Cuase he charges too much!  Nah–couldn’t be that!  That’s free market crazy talk!

But it’s true.  Even evil doctors have to obey the law of the market.  And in the end, they will only charge what the market will bare.

And I hear it already–sigh–.
The INSURANCE companies are the ones that are billing us, not the doctor!!!  When we sign up for insurance we are forced to see a doctor, can’t see another one, and he is now free to charge whatever he wants!!!  Damn it, damn it all!!  Evil evil rich!

And lets not forget, shall we, that precisely because of this free market system, all of us victims of the evil rich health care machine are the healthiest people in the history of the planet.  Ever.

But, alas, I have to admit it.  Here, I think, you are right.  The prices we pay ARE too high.  The system does need work.  We can remove costs from the whole process just about everywhere you look.  But the dirty secret is that the best way to do this is NOT by increasing government.  It’s by decreasing government.  It’s by allowing new players to enter into the market.  Allowing new insurance methods to be invented and refined.  It’s about letting customers, US, demand lower prices and higher quality by giving us the biggest hammer known–choice!

So you see, in the end, we are the same.  We both want Molly to be able to go see a doctor and walk away with good service and care at a fair price.  We just differ in the method.  I wanna let what has worked in every other niche of the market work here.  You wanna give this responsibility to the government, so wildly successful as to create this monster: Medicare.

Medicare wastes more money than any other federal program, yet its strong public support leaves lawmakers hesitant to address program effi­ciencies, which cost taxpayers and Medicare recip­ients billions of dollars annually.

For example, Medicare pays as much as eight times what other federal agencies pay for the same drugs and medical supplies. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently com­pared the prices paid by Medicare and the Depart­ment of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care program for 16 types of medical equipment and supplies, which account for one-quarter of Medicare’s equip­ment and supplies purchases. The evidence showed that Medicare paid an average of more than double what the VA paid for the same items. The largest difference was for saline solution, with Medicare paying $8.26 per liter compared to the $1.02 paid by the VA.

Does it feel good to have the people we elect do things that seem to help us?  Sure, hell yeah!  But when we start letting the government do things that it wasn’t created to do, we run into the danger of having that government run programs whose end result is not, in this case better health care, but rather is more votes.

Serious.  DMV.  You don’t think that in FIVE minutes you couldn’t positively affect the wait time and reduce it by 50%?  5 minutes.  And you want these people to run your health care.

You.  Are crazy.

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