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So Dear Flaco,

You have a dear fellow employee at your place of business.  I seem to remember that she has health insurance, right?  And, some time ago, she became sick and went to the doctor’s office.  There, the doc determined that she needed a shot of some kind and administered said shot.  Right?

And then she got sick?

Which caused her to undergo a hospital stay that ended up costing her ~9 grand.

Right?  Am I close?

And you seem to think that this is an unfair burden to be placed upon this woman/girl so early in life.  That somehow, this run of bad luck could somehow destroy her or set her far enough back that she may never recover?

So now, some questions.

  1. Has she disputed the bills with both the hospital AND the insurance company?
  2. Is she taking full advantage of both HSA and FSA accounts?
  3. Given that she has disputed the bills and lost, has she gone to the hospital to work out a payment plan?
  4. Has she investigated local, state or federal aid packages that may ALREADY be available?
  5. Are their local charities that she may apply for?
  6. Does she have family that can help her out?

If she has gone through all of that work and is still staring at 9 grand, do you really think that it’s unfair for her to have to pay for that?  Why?  If it’s unfair that she should have to pay for that, why is it fair that I have to pay for that?




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Dear Flaco,


So, when experts in 1988 claim that the temperate in 2008 is going to be .5 C higher, we should just never check up on them, right?  We should just say, WOW!  And then faint.  Wake up and elect Obama.  God forbid that people would actually capture the prediction, then, ya know, record the actual temperature, and then – SHOCKER – compare them to see if this expert knows what the fuck he is talking about?

Nah.  Let’s elect Obama instead.

Truth and facts never enter the liberal mind!

And now Molly.  Tragic story.  Really is.  And I feel bad for a 22 year old kid tryin’ to make it saddled with 9 large in debt.

Specific, here is some advice.

However, giving me a story of one girl doesn’t change cold hard facts:

  1. Health or medical care is limited
  2. We need/want more of it than can be supplied
  3. It must be rationed
  4. When that rationing method is price, it leads to lower prices and more availability

Serious.  Stop sending me this minor league business.  Give me facts.

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Dear Flaco,

daschleAs the Blessed Leader is now looking at his third failed major cabinet post, we should review perhaps the biggest blow so far; the failure of Tom Daschle.  You see, this post was his for the taking.  In fact, if there was a man that was made for Team Obama to head up Health and Human Services, it was Mr. Daschle.  He was the majority leader in the Senate and had the respect of his peers.  Then, when he was kicked out of office by his voters left office he became a public speaker, and champion of a new Federal Health Care system; a reform if you will.  He was, in short, ready to step into the job of a lifetime.  A job that would transform the way in which health care is distributed in this country.  A move that would take it from where it is now, in the hands of the private sector, and move it into the realm of the State.

However, more interesting than the man is the concept.  Universal Health Care.  Socialized Medicine.  Whatever name it goes by, it won’t go–well, away.

Economics:  The study of the use of scare resources which have alternative uses.

This is the definition of economics in a pretty basic book by the name “Basic Economics”.  Fascinating read; I suggest it.  But when you think of that definition, it kind of, or should, strike you what we are dealing with here.  It doesn’t have to be money.  It can be the study of how a teacher runs his classroom.  He only has so much time and resources and, much of it, has alternate uses – he could something else for another child.  Or, you could use it in game theory.We use it everyday in working through our “Honey Do” list….in fact, all of life, really, is a study in economics.  Scare resources; time.  And alternate uses; drinking beer or painting the baby’s room.

health-careAnd so it is with health care.  We have a scare resource; medicine, doctors, nurses and beds.  And all of it has alternate uses.  A nurse could instead choose to become a lawyer, a doctor a fighter pilot.  Money or land spent to build a hospital could be used to build an apartment, or an office building or a football stadium.  It’s all there, this — this study of things.  This demand for something that we don’t have enough of.  And in the end, that’s where we are.  We have a demand for medical services and we don’t have enough supply.    And if we can agree on that, we have agreed on one of the most important aspects of this debate.  An aspect that no politician, Mr. Daschle himself in fact, will ever admit.  Because, you see, when we have less of a thing than we want, we have to somehow hand it out so that someone doesn’t get everything that they want.

Please, please make sure that we are in agreement on this.  We have more need/want than we have supply.  There are more peope that want to see a doctor of some kind that we have ability to see.  And that might be because we have too few docs, or beds or simply time in the day.  Whatever, there is more need/want than supply.

This is important for this reason.  Once we agree on the supply demand thingy, all that’s left is to determine how we ration it.  Once we agree that we simply don’t have enough, all we have to do is determine how we will figure out who won’t get what.  And ya know what?  The single best system for determining that is the market.  Free market.  People will automatically regulate themselves and adjust so that supply meets demand.  It does everywhere else.  The best recent example is gasoline.  Consider this:

I love my bride.  We wake at 06.30 am and get ready for the day together.  Then, we take the kids to school and we go to work where we spend the next 8-10 hours toiling away forspouse the man no more than 50 feet apart.  After work, it’s dinner, the kids and bedtime.  Serious.  From midnight to 23.59, I am withing shouting distance of my wife 95% of the time.  That’s a LOT of  time dammit!  And so it is, that while we work at the same place, eat at the same place and drop off/pickup kids at the same place, I insist that we do NOT carpool.  Brotha needs his minutes yo!  But when gas starting running $3.50 to $4.00 a gallon, I relented.  I would work VO while she went to the office!  hehehe, but you get the point.  I self adjusted as the price became to much to bear, as did the entire market, and low and behold, gasoline went down.

So it is with the health care market.  I have been over the numbers before.  Many many of the “47 million uninsured” are uninsured due to choice!  They choose NOT to obtain that insurance.  Some can afford it but have decided not to obtain it.   Others, LOL, others have the government assistance available to them but refuse to do the needful to get it.  Point is, many Americans don’t WANT it.

And so, we have people come and say that they are going to offer some panacea of Nationalized Health Care.  It sounds good, it does.  But how, when we have accepted that we don’t have enough of it, are we going to provide it to everyone?  How are we going to ration this scare resource so that it gets distributed to people?  The answer, if the state is involved, is through political favors, bribes, wait times or “cost effective” measures.  None of which are better than the system we have today.

Look, is there room for improvement?  Yes.  Most certainly that improvement comes in the form of LESS government and not more.

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3 things…

1.  “I am not sure how or why you insist that all of these things should come from me when you yourself are not willing to supply them first.”

It’s not a ‘come from you thing’, it’s a ‘come from us thing’.  You know… social responsibility.

I’d pay more, goomba.

2.  “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—What, exactly, is your point, your argument and your desired end goal?”

My Point. Everyone should have equal access to health care.

My Argument. Everyone should have equal access to health care.

My desired end goal. Everyone should have equal access to health care.

You are a Goomba.

3.”Dude, what it sounds like you are saying is that NOT everyone can afford the medical care they need [in some cases want].  THAT is a different thing all together.  So, what is it, what is it that you think the evil rich are preventing the innocent poor from achieving?”

#4. AFFORDABLE medical care; basic or not.

Your still a goomba.

So, oh great one, please explain to me why you are more deserving of a medical treatments (that we <as citizens of the United States of America> possess) than someone else  (that we <as citizens of the United States of America> possess)…

Because of; your job, your live choices, your genetics, or pure luck?

Remember you’ve (we’ve) been lucky.  i.e. remember Car Surfing….

So you and I have come from situations that have helped us make (some) better decisions in life.


So the other guy or gal gets… what?

According to you …nada. (Thank means NOTHING.)

I desperately cling on to the fact that you are smarter than the ‘average bear’.

So where is your ability to reason?

I wrote…      “So…     At its root, the lack of health care for all in America is fundamentally a moral issue. The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not have some form of universal health care (defined as a basic guarantee of health care to all of its citizen).  While other countries have declared health care to be a basic right, the United States treats health care as a privilege, only available to those who can afford it. In this sense. health care in America is treated as an economic good like a TV or DVD player, not as a social or public good.”

So once again…

So, oh great one, please morally explain to me why you are more deserving of a medical treatments (that we <as citizens of the United States of America> possess) than someone else  (that we <as citizens of the United States of America> possess)…


Something to think about


“Oh, I started paying for my own health care at age 23.  Then I stopped.  Then I started again.  Then, again I stopped.  And then I started again.  But I always, ALWAYS, paid my bills when they came my way.”said Sir Pino the Stubborn.

Flaco the Beautiful replied, “Go to Vegas, Lucky.  Go to Vegas.”

Something to think about



What makes the difference between a child, a teenager, a twenty-one year old,  a thirty four year old, a fourty six year old, a fifty seven year old, sixty nine year old, and someone who just turned seventy three?

<the 73 year old just had a birthday!>

(i.e.)    Nothing.

Who the f.*& are you to say otherwise? (respectfully)

I’m sensing that you are totally cool with American Government until it (or .. you think) it might affect you...

On that note…  my paranoid friend…

So…. as I’m going into business to form a business that is in the business of:

  1. Creating jobs, not profit
  2. Paying more than market value for said jobs.
  3. Provide complete health care for your employees
  4. Give each of them a ‘66 ’stang.

Why don’t you…go into business to form a business that is in the business of:

  1. Maximizing Profit, not jobs.  It’s more about the stock holders anyway.  F.*& your employees.
  2. Create a business that pays it’s employee’s minimum wage.  (Try to eat …  u bitches!)
  3. Let’s your employees test the market for basic coverage of health care (or in a worst case scenerio provide the government minimum or face the penalties.).
  4. F.*& ’em.  There’s always walking.  That’s like exercise, ….. ‘you obese f.*&s.’.

(4.1/2)  Besides that’s using way to much <oil/gas    i.e.>…  “We have an incredible source of portable energy right now; oil into gas. I think that we should use it. It is incredibly powerful; it is currently accessible and relatively cheap. It’s good at what we need it to do. Why should we abandon it?”  <Oh….   p.s.  we’re running out of that shit>


Access to health care should be a right and not a privilege.

It’s so awesome that you can only focus on you family and the children.

I can’t.

xoxo flaco.

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Dear Flaco,

I think that it is important to begin with a little understanding.  I am PRO everyman. I am not about keeping the rich rich; or worse, richer. It is my fervent hope that every single person has the opportunity to have a home, a family and success.

Now, this minimum wage thing.

I think that it is important to understand who it is that is making this minimum wage. The arguments that I hear from folks on this topic all come from the scenario of a single wage earner supporting a family. So, let’s look.

In 2005, 1.9 million workers reported earning $5.15 or less. This represents only 1.5% of all hourly wage earners in the United States. However, these numbers include people who work in the food and beverage industry, those who make the minimum wage (or even less) but supplement their income with tips. By accounting for those people, it is only 1.1% of all American hourly wage earners that make the minimum wage.

Further, of those making the minimum wage, fully 61% are working part time jobs. And even with all of this, more than half of all minimum wage earners live in a family that is making more than 200% of the poverty line. In fact, 6 out of 7 minimum wage earners live with their parents or relatives, have a working spouse or are single and don’t have children.

Net/net, less than 1% of all employees above the age of 25 make the minimum wage. And of those that do, the median raise seen by these employees is six times higher than that of employees earning more than the minimum wage.

My point in all of this is that very very few people earn the minimum wage and of those that do, they almost always get a raise after 6 months. And further, of those that do earn the minimum wage, they don’t need to earn more; the average family income is $49,885.

Now to the why’s of it all.

In a free market, we tend to pay exactly what he service is worth. I am often in need of a baby sitter. However, to find a qualified one, I find that I have to pay $10 or a little more an hour. And, further more, I have to schedule this several days in advance. I could pay less, but I suspect that the value of the labor would not meet my needs.

So is the same when speaking of jobs that come in at the low end. There is a value at which the employer finds value. When he finds labor at that rate he will hire it, when he can’t, he won’t. When the cost of that labor is artificially made higher, he either hires less of it or charges more for the services made with it. Either way, this is a negative impact on our economy. In one case, higher unemployment, in the other, higher inflation.

I guess, going back to your example regarding your Home Depot employees……Why don’t you pay them more? And then, when you answer that, why can’t other employers expect the same rational?



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