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Dear Flaco,

Serious, do you ever, like check the stuff you are saying?  For example, let’s take the first paragraph of your expert’s claim:

The climate is heating up far faster than scientists had predicted, spurred by sharp increases in greenhouse gas emissions…

Okay, so, there are 2 claims or statements in there that you expect me to believe:

  1. The temperatures are warmer now than what the experts predicted.  That is, some time ago, experts predicted that by 2009 global temperates would be X and we are now at X+y, where y is some positive number measured in degrees; Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  2. This rise in today’s temperatures is due to increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

So, to review.  Today is not only warmer than yesteryear, but it is warmer than experts said it would be.  In other words, thermometers have higher readings than expert predictions said they would.  Net/net:  It’s hot!  And, to boot, this added dagger; it’s because of higher greenhouse gas emissions.  Read: CO2.

Okay, so, higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere cause temperatures to rise, and those temperatures, predicted some time ago by experts, have risen higher than even those predictions.

Got it.

Let’s check.

co2The chart above [from JS.  H/T WUWT] shows that we have had CO2 levels a full order of magnitude higher than we are seeing now.  Can you give reason why a slight rise in the levels of CO2 now are going to send SpaceShip Earth into a tail spin?

And this is the best one.  Here is where we see the expert’s predictions matched up against reality:


This chart[from CS] actually lays out what the good doctor James Hansen reported to Congress in 1988.  He said that, by 2008, we would be a full half degree C higher than 1988.  In fact, we were .3C below that 1988 reading.  Not only has there been NONE, as in ZERO, global warming trend in the last 8 years, some say that we are entering a period of cooling.

So, trot out all the experts you want.  Until you can demonstrate good science that shows a link between CO2 and crazy high temps along with a pretty decent ability to predict this in even the short term, you can forget about getting buy in from anybody that all of this global warming hype add up to more than a hill of beans.  Or coal if ya want.

Facts and truth never enter into the Liberal mind!




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Dear Flaco,

I bumped into this tonight.

Insight into Global Warming Cooling

Link provided by Carie Diem



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Dear Flaco,

Nah, all ya’ll are still #1 in my book.  Tar Heel Red is just easier to bullet post cause I don’t have to defend myself.  It’s easier to just jam some headline up there and rant like a lunatic.  Anyway, back to my true love:

Global Warming and, of course, you.

Okay, okay.  Ya got me, some where deep under the course outside veneer of this polished Republican conservative is a bleeding heart liberal.  Maybe not bleeding, and the whole heart thing—-not so much.  Liberal, not at all, but really, in sum, bleeding heart liberal.    When it comes to our planet, our world, I am all for not shitting where you sleep.  We should take every measure to not pollute, to pick up after ourselves.  When we dump DDT into the ground and all of a sudden our birds of prey begin dying?  We should stop dumping that poison into the system.  I am all for that.  Always have been.  Even back in Minnesota when we cooked “stuff” for Rue on the banks of that little “Not so Big a Lake” I was sad that I couldn’t take my dog there for a swim.  Too dirty and nasty from chemicals.

And yeah, I also get that we only have so much oil.  So much of this fossil fuel that we have been blessed with.  And too that end, we should try and make sure that we are as efficient in it’s use as we can be.  If we are able to stretch a gallon of gas from 20 miles to 40-60 maybe 80, we should.  We have to.  We are obligated to treat this resource as we would any resource.  With respect and with the goal of conservation when ever we are able.  None of that is inconsistent with what I have been saying.  In fact, it is entirely consistent with my message.  Because the thing that you liberals fail to understand is that oil is useless UNLESS WE BURN it.  There is not inherent use for it otherwise.  You don’t take your kids on a trip to the Grand Canyon Oil Fields or to Old Oil Spout Faithful.  The opposite.  Oil is a resource that is both ugly and far far away in the earth’s crust.

So, the whole idea of pollution and of conservation is a separate conversation that the one of Global Warming.  It is okay to think that we should take care of our planet, to take care of our oil and to think that the whole idea of Global Warming is a fairy tale.

So, back to it.

Here is why I think that Global Warming is not as infallible as you may want it to be:


H/T Softest Pawn

Now, to be sure, there is more.  There is the fact that ice is not melting, or, if it was, isn’t anymore.  There is evidence that the data has been tampered with; to the degree that the trends have been moved more than they rise.  Additionally, there is parallel data that demonstrates that we aren’t warming.  Some of this I have showed ya, some I have yet to gather.  Much of it though, has been seen by more and more experts.  And these experts are slowly quickly abandoning the cause.

I promise to write more if you promise to get smarter.



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Dear Flaco,

I trust that you are doing well.  That you are enjoying life on the left coast.  As we continue to struggle with housing prices, unemployment and the economy in general, there are some things that we are finding to be rather enjoyable.  Of the few, I would list the current price for a gallon of gas the most enjoyable and the most significant.  Having been just north of $4, I literally smile and chuckle as I fuel up for the cheap [serious, this gas is cheap].  And this is good news, not just for me on a personal level, but for all of us.  Cheaper fuel means cheaper goods, at least to a degree.

But now we are hearing that the Democratic controlled lawmakers are considering taxing gasoline; perhaps not insignificantly.  Add this cost to the already imbedded artficial cost of “Global Warming” and you have perhaps the single larget cause of global hunger.  It seems there’s no end to the lengths people are willing to go to “fix” something that really isn’t broken.

So, the Democrats are considering taxing gasoline until we we choke because they fear Global Warming; the end of the world as we know it.  And when asked why they think that we are facing “The End of the World as We Know it”, they shrug and point to The Oracle of Delphi, Al Gore.  When asked to present data, they can’t.  In fact, when asked to present a trend that shows we are warming, they can’t.

For example:

  • The world is cooling.  2008 is the coldest of the century.
  • Sea ice levels continue to grow.  The arctic is growing,or at least no longer shrinking.
  • More and more, the “experts” supporting Global Warming are thinning.
  • The data used to support Global Warming is more and more coming into question.

As I have mention time and time again, we should make sure that whatever we do in our lives and to our planet, we should do well; we should be good stewards.  On the other hand, there is no reason whatsoever to feel that we need to undertake expensive and dangerous policies to prevent a catastrophy that is a fairy tale.

How expensive is this story going to be?



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Dear Flaco,

It would appear that I owe you an apology.  One of my pet peeves is when, during a discussion, someone can not admit when they are wrong.

My data is validated, be-atch.

The APS is clear in that they continue to feel that their original claim was correct and is still correct.  That we, humans, are causing climate change and that we must change.

So, I am sorry.  I was wrong.

But, there is always a but, I am not convinced.

As I understand it, you are claiming that people are causing the world to warm, and to warm to sucha degree that we will face dire circumstances should we not drastically change our ways.  While I am not sure, I think that it is a basic tenant of the climate change camp that the globe is warming.  Do you think that it is?

If we look at the past 30 years we see this:


So, in the last 30 years, do you see a trend that would show that the earth is warming?  Looking at the above data, it would seem that not only are we not warming, we are cooling.  In fact, the idea that we are cooling is something that is rather new and may explain why we have switched from Global Warming to Climate Change.

Further, if we need physical evidence of the cooling affects that I suggest, there are reports that arctic ice is growing at record levels.

Global Warming – Climate Change.  Call it what you want, in the end, both fluctuate, both change over time and do so without human interference or help.  My point is, I don’t see that we have definite proof that humans are causing catastrophic damage to the earth.

Now, to your post:

1.  We (i.e. the people of the globe) are negatively impacting our environment.


2.  Due to this… there is, and will continue to be, catastrophic consequences.


4.  We must prevent further damage.  (In your example carbon dixocide)

Disagree.  Though if you change “must” to “should”, then sure.  We should not litter.

park your car in your garage, with the garage door closed and the car running, and then spend a couple hours in there…

You could make the same case if you fill the garage with water, or orange juice, or fire or cement or, well, kinda like anything.

Reducing the carbon emissions in our world can’t be a bad thing.

And finally we get to it, the linchpin.  You are right, and this is where the liberal left beats the conservative right every time:

Look, thing thing that I am proposing, while perhaps not the catastrophic world killer that I make it out to be, it isn’t bad either.

The Left is better at marketing their snake oil as “saving the world”.  The right, well, we are just greedy bastards.

You are right, reducing emissions isn’t a bad thing.  However, the restrictions that are being called for ARE a bad thing.  Or, at least in the form that they are being called for.  You wanna not pollute?  Me either, lets get a beer.  You wanna say that we need $8 gas so that the public is motivated to demand alternative energy solutions?  Yeah, ummm, no.

You think that we should stop any influence Big Oil has on preventing open honest research into said alternative energy?  Lets get a shot with that beer.  But you wanna say that the Governement should “pick the winner” and incentivise it?  Not so much.  [See ethanol]

In being concerned for people, we must be concerned for the environment.

I am deeply concerned with the environment.  And the damage that we do to it.  I remember, as a kid, going to the creek or the lake and swimming, or fishing or canoeing…never concerned about what was in the water.  Now, if my kids wanna do the same, I don’t think that I can afford them that same pleasure.  And that makes me sad.  We should take care of the earth that we have been given.

I consider myself extremely spiritual.  I find those moments of Grace as often in the church as I do in the misty morning fog covering the lowlands of the river basin near where I live.  Driving to work with the kids, I take time to turn down the radio and point out the marvelous Majesty of the Creator.  They are in awe and wonder.  That they may not have the same simple pleasures….well, it is unthinkable.

I like having my highways clean, my rivers clear and my oceans the deepest blue.  I want Bald Eagles to fly and live and flourish in their natural habitats.  I want and demand all of that.  In fact, in that, in that silent moment as the water cascades past the rubble of rock and the crayfish scuttles into his cave, it is that moment when we are at one with Creation.  I get it.

That does not, however, mean that that what we are doing, in totality, is destroying that.   I was in Disney this past few days and say the Lion King Circle of Life show on the environment.  While we were waiting to get into the theater, they had information on the monitors, kinda flashing by.  Did you know that cars today emit 95% less pollution than they did in the 70’s?

but this is the same as driving my 1966 mustang into a wall.

Walk the walk baby, drive that Mustang of yours into the wall and contribute to a better tomorrow for my kids.  Unless, of course, you are really more interested in changing how I live than how YOU live..



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