Four More Years

Dear Flaco,

It’s over; Palin has resigned and is out of politics.

Sigh.  We have no hope of beating Barack Obama now.

Too sad for words,




     Pino moved to France.  As an American I assume (correctly) that they have no Internet there. 

     Damn frogs.

     He’ll be quite shocked when he learns they created the ‘day after’ pill.




     Even if he had the Internet there…    he’s awful quite after a GOP scandal…


     So be it the king has spoken.

     All praise King Flaco.


     Palin/Limbaugh 2012!

Move to France. Dumb@ss.


     We’ve had 2 ways of keeping in touch… this and fantasy baseball.

     The Rainer Beach Ballers made the playoffs again…

     You’ve dropped your team… again.


     Second ..

    …..   is this a blog.


     So research that yourself. 

     And then vote however you feel you need to.


     So be it the king has spoken.

     All praise King Flaco.


     Palin/Limbaugh 2012!


     Post Script… I’d vote for Palin to abort! 

      Limbaugh Too!



Dear Flaco,

So, Obama has decided that he is going to make a stand on this whole National Health Care thing.  He feels that America is not providing for her citizens and that many are going uncared for.  In fact, the number 47 million has been tossed around.  As in, there are 47 million uninsured people in the United States.

Can you help me clear up some confusion I have?

  1. How many of those 47 million are not even citizens?
  2. How many of those 47 million are kids now covered under S-CHIP?
  3. How many of those 47 million are people that make more than 300% of the FPL [poverty level] and choose not to purchase insurance?
  4. How many of those 47 million people have the ability to obtain insurance under existing government programs?

And then, when you are done obtaining –wait for it—–FACTS, please help me in determining how financially secure the French system is right now.

In advance –  Thanks,


Myself  (and Flaco) …

     Hi me.  You are looking as ‘hotter’ than your normal ‘hot’.

     I love you.

     By the way, As a left leaning person, one must laugh at PETA.

     In this last week they have complained about two issues…

          #1.  The Fishmongers at Pike’s Place market. 

     The Employees at Seattle’s famous fish market in downtown Seattle are being ‘raked over the coals’ for tossing fish.  Dead Fish.  See when a person purchases a fish one employee throws the recently dead (about one day – on average) fish across the displays to another worker.  It’s a crowd pleaser. 

     PETA says it’s disrespectful.

     #2. Obama kills a fly.

     Well, thanks PETA for proving Obama’s human.


     As a left leaning person, PETA … get real.



     So be it the king has spoken.

     All praise King Flaco.


     Palin/Limbaugh 2012!


Post Script…

I love you, Flaco…



     Lets rumble.

     Your Post…


See, life begins at some point.  For some, it’s at inception.  When the swimmer beats the odds and merges with the egg and 1 cell turns into 2.  They say “That’s life.  The Spirit of the Providence is present and this is a child.”  Other say, nope, not till the moment the fetus is outside the body of the mother.”  I know where I stand, but, more important I think, is that people have a conversation about where life begins.  I suspect, for most of America, is begins much much sooner than “birth” and a bit after inception.  And I’m willing to work on that, compromise.  But really, at some point, that group of cells has what is inherently referred to as qualifications of person hood.  And that, THAT person has rights.  And simply not being wanted doesn’t trump their wanting.  Wanting a car, a degree, a glimps of sunshine….of being.  They, THEY get to choose too.  In fact, we afford them that choice, rather, right:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

In the end, it’s clear:

I, as a man, have a right to enter into opinion on this topic.

There are legitimate circumstances when the right to choose ought, Ought, be extended to the woman.

What we are talking about is a child.  A living being endowed with rights from the divine; as layed out by our Founders.

And you know that.


     So, I’ve said, and believe,  in pro life.    As a personal choice.  As a left leaning  voter  that smokes, drinks, and has short hair;  I am forced again to defend myself from a long-haired, commitable, GOP F#$%.

     I will continue to vote pro-choice.  As you will continue to vote pro life.


     So why?  As someone who is pro life… why?  Why would I vote pro choice.  Why?






     A womans right to choose is way to complex for you ….

     So       ….    layed out by our founders ….   we got this freedom of religion thing here in the United States of America. 


     So leave Christianity out of the conversation.


     I’m not in politics, neither are you. 


     Do you vote Christian or American?



     So be it the king has spoken.

     All praise King Flaco.


     Palin/Limbaugh 2012!



     Post Script  … 


     You wrote…


     So,  given that, I don’t wanna hear no story about “what if my bestest super duper friend in the whole world was raped, should she be forced to keep the child”?  No one thinks that she she be forced to.  Same with the health of the mother/baby.


     So dumbass… how do you vote?


     Back alley or Hospital?

     Do you vote Christian or American?



Dear Flaco,

I see how it is.  Compromise means having your opponent walk to you while you stand still.

Got it!

I am going to use what you refer to as logic.  Only women who have been pregnant should be able to have an opinion and weigh in on this subject.  If you have not been pregnant, your opinion is kinda like pissin in the wind.

And you know it.