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Dude Pino,

     It was 103 degrees in seattle yesterday,  hottest ever on record. 

     Not in any way shape or form does this mean global warming exists, just that it’s really f#$%ing hot.

          Xoxo, Billy

Post scripit.  Global warming/climate change exists.

Post scripit 2.  Excellent reply to my last post. 

You may be lame but…

Palin/Limbaugh 2012!!!!!

The King has spoken.


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So Dear Flaco,

You have a dear fellow employee at your place of business.  I seem to remember that she has health insurance, right?  And, some time ago, she became sick and went to the doctor’s office.  There, the doc determined that she needed a shot of some kind and administered said shot.  Right?

And then she got sick?

Which caused her to undergo a hospital stay that ended up costing her ~9 grand.

Right?  Am I close?

And you seem to think that this is an unfair burden to be placed upon this woman/girl so early in life.  That somehow, this run of bad luck could somehow destroy her or set her far enough back that she may never recover?

So now, some questions.

  1. Has she disputed the bills with both the hospital AND the insurance company?
  2. Is she taking full advantage of both HSA and FSA accounts?
  3. Given that she has disputed the bills and lost, has she gone to the hospital to work out a payment plan?
  4. Has she investigated local, state or federal aid packages that may ALREADY be available?
  5. Are their local charities that she may apply for?
  6. Does she have family that can help her out?

If she has gone through all of that work and is still staring at 9 grand, do you really think that it’s unfair for her to have to pay for that?  Why?  If it’s unfair that she should have to pay for that, why is it fair that I have to pay for that?



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Dear Flaco,

It’s over; Palin has resigned and is out of politics.

Sigh.  We have no hope of beating Barack Obama now.

Too sad for words,


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Dear Flaco,

So, Obama has decided that he is going to make a stand on this whole National Health Care thing.  He feels that America is not providing for her citizens and that many are going uncared for.  In fact, the number 47 million has been tossed around.  As in, there are 47 million uninsured people in the United States.

Can you help me clear up some confusion I have?

  1. How many of those 47 million are not even citizens?
  2. How many of those 47 million are kids now covered under S-CHIP?
  3. How many of those 47 million are people that make more than 300% of the FPL [poverty level] and choose not to purchase insurance?
  4. How many of those 47 million people have the ability to obtain insurance under existing government programs?

And then, when you are done obtaining –wait for it—–FACTS, please help me in determining how financially secure the French system is right now.

In advance –  Thanks,


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Dear Flaco,

I understand that their are topics that generate the most fundamental fires within us.   That some things are so near and dear, so a priori in concept,  that we almost find ourselves unable to consider the “opposing” point of view.  And I understand that abortion is one of those things.  I get that, in fact, I resonate with that.  In fact, it rings deep within me to the very same extent that it rings within you.  This, to me, is as fundamental to my core as you find it to yours.  So, when you bring to me this moral high ground bull shit, I ain’t gonna back down.  In fact, I’m gonna bring it.

In order:

I fail to understand what me being a man has to do with anything.  As if, somehow, being one sex versus another in some way makes me unable to bring to the discussion the appropriate thought processes, empathy or intellect.  I am stunned at the double standard broght forth by this arguement.  Could you imagine the outrage and shock, OUTRAGE, if I posited that there was a certain topic that women were simply excluded from based on nothing more than the fact that they were women.  For example, women are not allowed to sevre in combat.  Therefore, since almost all war is really about combat, all women have ZERO say about deciding anything whats so ever about the terms and conditions of war.  Is that silly?  Over the top?  Ridiculous?


And so is the fact that as a man, somehow I am lacking in some fundamental way that prohibits me from rendering my legit and valid opinion on this matter.

So, abortion will happen.  And so, because it will, we should make it legal.  So, knowing that home invasions will happen, and when done in the legal framework that make them illegal, people get hurt and sometimes die, we should…….yup.  Make them legal.  Because, you know, someone making a poor decision should be protected from that decision and therefore, whatever else we feel about that act, it should be rendered legal.  Cause, you know, wouldn’t want them to have to accept responsibility.



Every single Pro-Life person I meet extends choice to the mother [funny word, that.  Mother.  Almost as if there was a, you know, child. I digress] in the case of:

  1. Victim of crime
  2. Health of mother/baby

So, given that, I don’t wanna hear no story about “what if my bestest super duper friend in the whole world was raped, should she be forced to keep the child”?  No one thinks that she she be forced to.  Same with the health of the mother/baby.

Lemme tell you a story.  Every single father to be has this dream.  It’s the day, you know, THE freakin day.  Mama exclaims it’s time, we have to go.  And go now!  So off to the hospital you go and yourin the room with the doc and the nurse and mamma is breathin and pushing and screamin and breathin and pushin and then, hmm, what the fuck, THAT scream was a different scream.  And the doc says to you, Dad, you have to wait outside, follow the nurse.  And then your worst fears are confirmed when the doc comes out to the waiting room and says “There is a problem, we won’t be able to save them both……”


I still have variations of it.  Car washed over a bridge, hostage scenario or home invasion.  Tsunami.  In fact, imagine the horror of dreaming that you can save 1 but not both of your children.  Awesome, that dream.  Some nights I can’t sleep for fear of it.

Point is, every freakin body understands health of baby/mother and the choice that most certainly be allowed in that scenario.  The liberal freakin left is NOT alone in their enlightenment of this concept.  And I would appreciate some acknowledgment of the same.

So, unless I am mistaken, we are in agreement so far in extending choice to the mother in several cases.  Which leaves us with the rest.

See, life begins at some point.  For some, it’s at inception.  When the swimmer beats the odds and merges with the egg and 1 cell turns into 2.  They say “That’s life.  The Spirit of the Providence is present and this is a child.”  Other say, nope, not till the moment the fetus is outside the body of the mother.”  I know where I stand, but, more important I think, is that people have a conversation about where life begins.  I suspect, for most of America, is begins much much sooner than “birth” and a bit after inception.  And I’m willing to work on that, compromise.  But really, at some point, that group of cells has what is inherently referred to as qualifications of person hood.  And that, THAT person has rights.  And simply not being wanted doesn’t trump their wanting.  Wanting a car, a degree, a glimps of sunshine….of being.  They, THEY get to choose too.  In fact, we afford them that choice, rather, right:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

In the end, it’s clear:

I, as a man, have a right to enter into opinion on this topic.

There are legitimate circumstances when the right to choose ought, Ought, be extended to the woman.

What we are talking about is a child.  A living being endowed with rights from the divine; as layed out by our Founders.

And you know that.



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Dear Flaco,

So, now that Obama has managed to Socialize the auto industry, the bank industry and the insurance industry he is going after the health care industry.  If you listen to him, or to the news, which is really just the White House Public Relations division, you hear that our nation’s health care industry is broken.  That we pay too much and receive not enough.  In fact, I think if you listen long enough or careful enough you will eventually hear the evidence.

The United States has the highest health care costs and we rank 37th in quality.

And it kinda ends there. As if no further proof is needed or required.  We pay the most.  And we suck.  End of debate.

So, the answer is, or has to be, that the government is required to step ion and fix the problem.  Heck, not even that, we’re supposed to believe that the government is required to take on the problem.  In short, becaue we feel some how that the state of the industry is in such disarray, we are left with NO other option but to let the government step in and run the place.

All of this is weighty and tough stuff.  No one thinks that health insurance or medical care should be taken lightly.  So, let’s go through the process, shall we, at how Obama arrives at his conclusion:

  1. Wow.  We pay the most!
  2. Hmmm, but we don’t RANK 1st.
  3. Determine valid metrics to identify real goals and measures.
  4. Validate statistics.
  5. Study the industry.
  6. Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Conduct process analysis to identify possible solutions.
  8. Matrix solutions with costs and risks.
  9. Create a list of ranked solutions.
  10. Work down that list.
  11. Realize that no solution can work; farm out the responsibility to the government.

How does THAT work?  How is it, that given the critical nature of this whole conversation, almost zero work has been done?  Why do we simply read an excerpt from some source that we don’t investigate, ignore ALL other real life steps and just skip ahead to government must assume responsibility for this situation.

I challeneg you to begin to break this down like you would in the business world.  In a “health care world”, what is it that we expect?  How would we measure that?  How do we think that should be delivered?  What are we trying to attain?

Before you tell me that the only fix is government, you should at least tell me what’s broken and why.



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Dear Flaco,

So, after all of the huffing and puffing of the election, after all the plays and the jabs and the dust has cleared.  And when you have finally started to forget that I called Obama a Socialist–we are about to become a majority owner of GM.  I wonder what Socialism means?  Let’s check:

Dictionary.com –

A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Wikipedia – 

Socialism refers to any one of various economic theories of economic organization advocating state or cooperative ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities/means for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation.

Merriam – Webster –

Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

Alright, so, now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, I wonder, is this what you had in mind when you elected Obama as President?  Did you really want him to nationalize the banking industry, and the car industry, and the insurance industry and then the healthcare industry?  I wonder, did it bother you at the time that the man would drop 1.8 trillion in debt on us?  Or that he would, dare I say it, Raise taxes in a feeble effort to pay down that debt?  Yeah, see, now that the liberals are looking at the debt they have created, they are really Really trying to figure it out.

The answer?  A National Sales Tax!  How awesome is that?

Oh Flaco, my naive dumb liberal friend.  You have really put us in a fine mess this time!



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