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Dear Flaco,

It’s over; Palin has resigned and is out of politics.

Sigh.  We have no hope of beating Barack Obama now.

Too sad for words,



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Dear Flaco,

So, Obama has decided that he is going to make a stand on this whole National Health Care thing.  He feels that America is not providing for her citizens and that many are going uncared for.  In fact, the number 47 million has been tossed around.  As in, there are 47 million uninsured people in the United States.

Can you help me clear up some confusion I have?

  1. How many of those 47 million are not even citizens?
  2. How many of those 47 million are kids now covered under S-CHIP?
  3. How many of those 47 million are people that make more than 300% of the FPL [poverty level] and choose not to purchase insurance?
  4. How many of those 47 million people have the ability to obtain insurance under existing government programs?

And then, when you are done obtaining –wait for it—–FACTS, please help me in determining how financially secure the French system is right now.

In advance –  Thanks,


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Dear Flaco,

So, now that Obama has managed to Socialize the auto industry, the bank industry and the insurance industry he is going after the health care industry.  If you listen to him, or to the news, which is really just the White House Public Relations division, you hear that our nation’s health care industry is broken.  That we pay too much and receive not enough.  In fact, I think if you listen long enough or careful enough you will eventually hear the evidence.

The United States has the highest health care costs and we rank 37th in quality.

And it kinda ends there. As if no further proof is needed or required.  We pay the most.  And we suck.  End of debate.

So, the answer is, or has to be, that the government is required to step ion and fix the problem.  Heck, not even that, we’re supposed to believe that the government is required to take on the problem.  In short, becaue we feel some how that the state of the industry is in such disarray, we are left with NO other option but to let the government step in and run the place.

All of this is weighty and tough stuff.  No one thinks that health insurance or medical care should be taken lightly.  So, let’s go through the process, shall we, at how Obama arrives at his conclusion:

  1. Wow.  We pay the most!
  2. Hmmm, but we don’t RANK 1st.
  3. Determine valid metrics to identify real goals and measures.
  4. Validate statistics.
  5. Study the industry.
  6. Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Conduct process analysis to identify possible solutions.
  8. Matrix solutions with costs and risks.
  9. Create a list of ranked solutions.
  10. Work down that list.
  11. Realize that no solution can work; farm out the responsibility to the government.

How does THAT work?  How is it, that given the critical nature of this whole conversation, almost zero work has been done?  Why do we simply read an excerpt from some source that we don’t investigate, ignore ALL other real life steps and just skip ahead to government must assume responsibility for this situation.

I challeneg you to begin to break this down like you would in the business world.  In a “health care world”, what is it that we expect?  How would we measure that?  How do we think that should be delivered?  What are we trying to attain?

Before you tell me that the only fix is government, you should at least tell me what’s broken and why.



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My super dumb and even more naive friend <or should I say serf?>,

     From now on I shall only reply to you if you call me King Flaco.


     Very simply put  … you wrote …

     I wonder, is this what you had in mind when you elected Obama as President?

          <I didn’t know, but am pleased with the glimmer of wisdom you have shown… that  I was the only vote that counted.>

     Did you really want him to nationalize the banking industry, and the car industry, and the insurance industry and then the healthcare industry?

          <No, we’re just propping it up, ditto, ditto, and let’s revamp it!>

     I wonder, did it bother you at the time that the man would drop 1.8 trillion in debt on us?

          <Not us, your kids dumbass (but don’t worry … as republicans they can afford it.  Want proof?  The Country Music Channel  <CMT> is now not on expanded basic cable.  F#$% Republicans!  The GOP are elitist, rich, fickle and selfish creatures of the underworld.)  >

          <P.S.  Keep having fun struggling to get the moderate independant vote! >

     You have really put us in a fine mess this time!

           <I’m not sorry.  And i’m gonna raise the taxes on your rich ass even more.  To save the environment and get universal health care.  Because I’m a hippie.  A really good looking hippie.>


     So be it.  The King has spoken.

     All praise King Flaco.


     ( I’d end it xoxo but King Flaco doesn’t hug or kiss, even the rich … like yourself.)

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Dear Flaco,

So, after all of the huffing and puffing of the election, after all the plays and the jabs and the dust has cleared.  And when you have finally started to forget that I called Obama a Socialist–we are about to become a majority owner of GM.  I wonder what Socialism means?  Let’s check:

Dictionary.com –

A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Wikipedia – 

Socialism refers to any one of various economic theories of economic organization advocating state or cooperative ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities/means for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation.

Merriam – Webster –

Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

Alright, so, now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, I wonder, is this what you had in mind when you elected Obama as President?  Did you really want him to nationalize the banking industry, and the car industry, and the insurance industry and then the healthcare industry?  I wonder, did it bother you at the time that the man would drop 1.8 trillion in debt on us?  Or that he would, dare I say it, Raise taxes in a feeble effort to pay down that debt?  Yeah, see, now that the liberals are looking at the debt they have created, they are really Really trying to figure it out.

The answer?  A National Sales Tax!  How awesome is that?

Oh Flaco, my naive dumb liberal friend.  You have really put us in a fine mess this time!



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Dear Flaco,

Let’s see.  With baseball season right around the corner we can use it, the game of baseball, to illistrate my point.

So, let’s take the Minnesota Twins; my favorite team.  It goes without saying that I want them to succeed.  And to be clear, to succeed in this case is to win games, to win more games than all the other teams in their division.  In fact, I would say that all Twins fans want them to succeed.

So, okay, now, Ron Gardenhire is the manager, and, basically, he gets to decide things as they relate to the team.  He gets to pick who plays and where.  He decides if we’re going to steal, or bunt or move the defense.  So, let’s say, for the sake of argument–only to make a case that is over the top silly, that Gardenhire has stated publicly that he is trying to get me, Pino, to anchor the starting rotation, take the mound on opening day and then continue on, taking the ball every 5th day for the rest of the season.  I would bet that every Twins fan, literally, every single one of ’em, would hope, pray, call into sports radio and launch blogs that Gardenhire would FAIL in his attempt to name me that starter.

Sadly for Twins fans around the globe, Mr. Gardenhire has immense cache and has influence over even the GM, the guy that ends up deciding if Gardenhire gets to stay in his office.  And, in the end, wins out; Pino is the Opening Day starter.  Unbelievable.

Picture Opening day if you can.  The sun is shining bright over a thick green field.  The sounds of peanut vendors and calls of “Cold Beer” fill the air.  Anticipation grips everyone.  And then Pino runs to the mound.  At that moment, the manager’s “hope” has turned into reality and Pino is really going to pitch.  And all those Twins fans put the past behind them and are pulling for Pino to do what no one thinks he can; win the game.  Against all reasonable expectations, the Twins nation has gone from hating this guy to actually pulling for him to win.

See.  See how that works?  While in the “this is my plan phase”, all of creation wants The Manager to FAIL in his attempt to implement his solutions and plans for the team.  But once those ill advised solutions are reality, the whole of the fan base really really hopes they succeed.


Ahaa, there had to be a “but”.

What if there was another way?  What if Pino was not the last pitcher in the Twins organization and there was another option?  One that could still be implemented.  One that had a significantly better chance of benefiting the team in the bigger picture, as in, winning the Division.  How does that change our story?  Well, it would go like this….

In the minors there is a fireballer that is dead on can’t miss straight up money!  He is ready and how. All the world thought this kid was a shoe in to make the team, and in fact, all real baseball experts have said he could win the Cy Young.  But, there is one thing, he has a contract that states if he isn’t in the majors by the 10th game of the season, the Twins have to release him.  Remember, this is the Real Deal and Pino, well, Pino is 40 and never pitched a game in his life; no brainer.

Twins fans in every chair are hoping, actually expecting and pulling, for Pino to struggle so mightily that The Manager will come to his senses or, failing that, that the GM will remove him from Office so that the Kid can be brought up from the minors and drive the team to the Pennant.  Yes, that’s right, the fans are actually pulling for The Blessed Manager’s policy, now enacted, to fail.  Because by failing in the short run will save the team in the long run.

And THAT, my dear partisan friend, is how a Twins fan finds himself hoping that the Manager Fails to implement an idea, and failing that, might actually find himself pulling for some short term losses.

Take me out to the ballgame……



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Dear Flaco,

Look brother.  Say what you want, support your guy and love him till ya can’t love no more.  He is NOT your Democrat’s President.  He has moved about as far right as a Dem can without being stoned in the town square!

Anyway, Universal Health Care.

I don’t understand what people are saying when they talk about the need for UHC [universal health care].  I am not sure if they mean the normal preventative care that people use to just make sure everything is okay or not.  Or, do they mean the normal day to day stuff that normal day to day people face?  You know, things like fever, rash, cut on the finger and stuff like that.  Or, do people mean the very serious life changing [or ending] kinda things?  You know, like cancer, serious car accident, debilitating disses—you know, life changing things?

You know what distresses me [besides drew pearson pushing off to catch that TD in ’75]?  I think the real reason that people scream for Universal Health Care is when they see someone get care that they can’t get.  For any reason, any one of the three above.  In short, I don’t think that they know.  They just see someone getting something that they can’t have/get and they are pissed!

And just like a big house, cool car, rockin’ job or college education, health care is something that has to be earned.  And that is my philosophical side.  My practical side is “Are you freakin kiddin’ me?!?!?  You think that I am going to rely on the government to provide health care for me and my family?  That somehow government is going to be able to certify doctors, certify treatments and then be able to deliver the same to me at the exact time I need it, in the form I need it and by whom I need it from?  Insane!  There is NO WAY that any person capable of becoming elected in this country has the ability to set aside politics to get to where they need to be to assist me in my health.  None.

There is one special case where I break from my conservative friends though.  Children.  And this is why.  I do not see children as self determining actors in the “market”.  Nor do I see them as responsible for their own well being.  This combination sets children in the case where they can not take care of themselves, should not be expected to take care of themselves and further, can be seen as an investment in the prosperity of us all.  In short; children are special cause.

I feel that kids should be afforded the normal and required preventative care that is seen as normal and reasonable for a young person.  Further, I think that we have the perfect delivery mechanism for this care; the public schools.  Here we have mandatory attendance, physical facilities, insurance to cover accidents and administration capable of organizing delivery of care.  I think that all children should be seen by an MD, a dentist and an eye doctor twice annually.  Mandatory through graduation or while still in school.

After that, I think that you should be on your own to obtain the care that you need for yourself and your family.



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