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Dear Flaco,

This kid, in about 5 minutes,  has done something that Al Gore and his team of scientists haven’t been able to for years.




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Dude Pino,

     It was 103 degrees in seattle yesterday,  hottest ever on record. 

     Not in any way shape or form does this mean global warming exists, just that it’s really f#$%ing hot.

          Xoxo, Billy

Post scripit.  Global warming/climate change exists.

Post scripit 2.  Excellent reply to my last post. 

You may be lame but…

Palin/Limbaugh 2012!!!!!

The King has spoken.

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Mr. “Social Liberal”,

So, I need to letcha in on a little secret.

Tell me…

As a conservative, it’s not my goal to make the rich richer or keep the poor poorer.

Which is why tax cuts for rich benefit EVERYONE!

I don’t think it’s okay to ignore those in need, ignore those who require help.

EXCEPT Universal Health Care.

I really really wanna make the world a better place for as many people as possible.  And really, that means that I want the world to be better for more people tomorrow than it was for people yesterday.

Like Global Warming?





So.  Quick Reality Check.  Whats the difference between The Government and Big Business?

We as Americans; can pick a new leader for our government, and are (honestly) stuck with our corporate leaders.  They are protected by their boards.  A corporate board is as slow and; as much or more so (it’s easier to hide the money),  influenced as any house or senate,  on replacing an inefficient leader.

At least, in business, you expect them to be corrupt.

P.S.   Both are corrupt.

So what to do…..?

Educate my soft mushy Liberal Mind.

If I elected you,  what would pino do?

xoxo billy

P.S.  I’m not so much for the stimulus package.  I understand the intentions … but I do believe that things gotta sort themself out.

But,  I’ll also say that we can’t just turn a blind eye….


Somethings got to be done…

Everyone who is now unemployed is now claiming unemployment (at the least).  State Budgets are under plan and they are cutting major things, i.e. education, police, transportation projects, etc….  So who’s the real victim?

The amount of $ the government is pouring out will increase.  (For at least a year.)  Mass jobs are getting cut and it will continue for at least this year and probably next year too.

The average home-owner has seen their home value (and 401k plan) plummet.  And Social Security has no more cash in 2041.

And per a previous discussion you hinted toward let it fall and bottom out.  Pretty easy to say…..  since you have a job.

And Big Business a shown what an awesome job they do unchecked…. (like banks…  dumbass  … xoxo)

If I elected you,  what would pino do?

I’ll let molly know…


PALIN/LIMBAUGH 2012!!!!!!!!!!!


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She’s (Palin’s) a gem….


(You wrote) However, giving me a story of  one girl doesn’t change cold hard facts:

  1. Health or medical care is limited
  2. We need/want more of it than can be supplied
  3. It must be rationed
  4. When that rationing method is price, it leads to lower prices and more availability

O.K.  then…Palin style…

(I’m gonna Palin my way all over the place….)

Now we’ll warp back to Climate Change/Global Warming…

Energy Sources (are limited)

1.     A. Our current sources of power are limited; ……

B. And Green Technology (wind,solar,water,etc…) .. it  isn’t infinite….   but it is way closer…

C. We’re gonna run out of gas and coal.  And those affect our environment negatively.

D. We could ration our own prices for gas/power….

(We need/want more of it than can be supplied….)

2.     See above…

(It must be rationed …)

3.     Yes.

But Really….

(Now we’re back to Republican vs. Democrat…)

(When that rationing method is price, it leads to lower prices and more availability…)

4.     So when everyone wants to buy a mustang… dude….

Do  the prices get lower?

Or Higher for more profit?


for an example…

One (i.e. A Republican) might think… (and you wrote…) When that rationing method is price, it leads to lower prices and more availability

One (i.e. A Democrat) would think …..    that when something is rationed by price ….      and it’s in demand (i.e. like health care) ..

the prices can be increased.   And who gets hurt by those increases?

(Go Palin!  I’m all over the place and it’s O.K.  Back to Health Care…)


So…(Palin/Limbaugh 2012)

If your f#$%ing dying …. what price is too much?

If your in constant pain… what price is too much?

If a loved one (i.e. your parent, spouse or child) is in need of help…. what price is too much?


(You wrote) Serious.  Stop sending me this minor league business.  Give me facts.

Serious. If you can’t look at something with your heart and soul, why would I worry about your … facts(mind)?

Because it takes all three, Pino.

(And Texted) My Friend ………when did you stray from the path?

As soon as I realized your path was a dead end.

Humbly Flaco.

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Dear Flaco,


So, when experts in 1988 claim that the temperate in 2008 is going to be .5 C higher, we should just never check up on them, right?  We should just say, WOW!  And then faint.  Wake up and elect Obama.  God forbid that people would actually capture the prediction, then, ya know, record the actual temperature, and then – SHOCKER – compare them to see if this expert knows what the fuck he is talking about?

Nah.  Let’s elect Obama instead.

Truth and facts never enter the liberal mind!

And now Molly.  Tragic story.  Really is.  And I feel bad for a 22 year old kid tryin’ to make it saddled with 9 large in debt.

Specific, here is some advice.

However, giving me a story of one girl doesn’t change cold hard facts:

  1. Health or medical care is limited
  2. We need/want more of it than can be supplied
  3. It must be rationed
  4. When that rationing method is price, it leads to lower prices and more availability

Serious.  Stop sending me this minor league business.  Give me facts.

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Dear Flaco,

Serious, do you ever, like check the stuff you are saying?  For example, let’s take the first paragraph of your expert’s claim:

The climate is heating up far faster than scientists had predicted, spurred by sharp increases in greenhouse gas emissions…

Okay, so, there are 2 claims or statements in there that you expect me to believe:

  1. The temperatures are warmer now than what the experts predicted.  That is, some time ago, experts predicted that by 2009 global temperates would be X and we are now at X+y, where y is some positive number measured in degrees; Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  2. This rise in today’s temperatures is due to increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

So, to review.  Today is not only warmer than yesteryear, but it is warmer than experts said it would be.  In other words, thermometers have higher readings than expert predictions said they would.  Net/net:  It’s hot!  And, to boot, this added dagger; it’s because of higher greenhouse gas emissions.  Read: CO2.

Okay, so, higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere cause temperatures to rise, and those temperatures, predicted some time ago by experts, have risen higher than even those predictions.

Got it.

Let’s check.

co2The chart above [from JS.  H/T WUWT] shows that we have had CO2 levels a full order of magnitude higher than we are seeing now.  Can you give reason why a slight rise in the levels of CO2 now are going to send SpaceShip Earth into a tail spin?

And this is the best one.  Here is where we see the expert’s predictions matched up against reality:


This chart[from CS] actually lays out what the good doctor James Hansen reported to Congress in 1988.  He said that, by 2008, we would be a full half degree C higher than 1988.  In fact, we were .3C below that 1988 reading.  Not only has there been NONE, as in ZERO, global warming trend in the last 8 years, some say that we are entering a period of cooling.

So, trot out all the experts you want.  Until you can demonstrate good science that shows a link between CO2 and crazy high temps along with a pretty decent ability to predict this in even the short term, you can forget about getting buy in from anybody that all of this global warming hype add up to more than a hill of beans.  Or coal if ya want.

Facts and truth never enter into the Liberal mind!



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     I’ve decided to use the same tactics that the GOP…uh wait…

     Remember when Republicans used to be proud enough to be called Republicans…  I wonder who did that?  (Was it Obama?… Or was it George W. Bush?)

     Anyway, the GOP’s favorite Sarah Palin.  Instead of even trying to answer a question or questions posed i’ll simply talk about what I want to talk about.

     Read this…

Global warming seen worse than predicted

A general view shows chimneys from a cement plant in Baokang

By Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters
Sat Feb 14, 4:46 PM EST

The climate is heating up far faster than scientists had predicted, spurred by sharp increases in greenhouse gas emissions from developing countries like China and India, a top climate scientist said on Saturday.

“The consequence of that is we are basically lookng now at a future climate that is beyond anything that we’ve considered seriously,” Chris Field, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, told the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago.

Field said “the actual trajectory of climate change is more serious” than any of the climate predictions in the IPCC’s fourth assessment report called “Climate Change 2007.”

He said recent climate studies suggested the continued warming of the planet from greenhouse gas emissions could touch off large, destructive wildfires in tropical rain forests and melt permafrost in the Arctic tundra, releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gasses that could raise global temperatures even more.

“There is a real risk that human-caused climate change will accelerate the release of carbon dioxide from forest and tundra ecosystems, which have been storing a lot of carbon for thousands of years,” Field, of Stanford University and the Carnegie Institution for Science, said in a statement.

He pointed to recent studies showing the fourth assessment report underestimated the potential severity of global warming over the next 100 years.

“We now have data showing that from 2000 to 2007, greenhouse gas emissions increased far more rapidly than we expected, primarily because developing countries, like China and India, saw a huge surge in electric power generation, almost all of it based on coal,” Field said.

He said that trend was likely to continue if more countries turned to coal and other carbon-intensive fuels to meet their energy needs. If so, he said the impact of climate change would be “more serious and diverse” than the IPCC’s most recent predictions.


     Crazy.  That f#$%ing Liberal Media.


     So I’ve got a girl who works for me on my freight team.  Molly.  We call her ‘rocky’ , because early in her Home Depot career she slipped and accidently punched a co-worker in the face.  (I really wish I saw that.)  Anyway she’s also diabetic.  A couple months ago she started to lose her vision and went to her doctor.  Not the ER, but her doctor.  They gave her antibiotics.  She reacted badly to the antibiotics and ended up staying in the hospital for one week.  Don’t worry dude, she got better.

     She, by the way, has insurance.  From her job at the HD.  For an employee to have medical coverage, making $11.50 an hour, and more importantly at age 22, means she’s deifying the odds.

     Good for her! 

     Her medical bills by the way, after insurance, a mere $9,000.


     So that’s more than 1/3 of her annual salary.  (For one hospital visit.)

     <But she’s a hard worker, she actually has two full time jobs.  It’s  more like 1/5 (i.e. 20%) of her annual salary. In your defense before taxes.>

     So she’ll be able to pay the bills but might have a harder time trying to save up for school.  i.e. for a better life.

     It might take a while,  she also has little frivilous things to pay for like; really cheap gas, super healthy over processed food, and super affordable rent.



     Less Government!

     Less Taxes!


     I’m sure those two things will help her out  more than say …. Universal Health Care.




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