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Dude Pino,

     It was 103 degrees in seattle yesterday,  hottest ever on record. 

     Not in any way shape or form does this mean global warming exists, just that it’s really f#$%ing hot.

          Xoxo, Billy

Post scripit.  Global warming/climate change exists.

Post scripit 2.  Excellent reply to my last post. 

You may be lame but…

Palin/Limbaugh 2012!!!!!

The King has spoken.


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     The crux of your .. well… whatever the hell you call it, seems to be … If it’s unfair that she should have to pay for that, why is it fair that I have to pay for that?

     I’m not gonna answer that yet.


     So, as an american, you are against every american citizen having access to affordable health care?

     I’d assume you are against that.

     But I’d assume that you are against you paying for it.


     I’ve got no clue what Molly did and didn’t do. 

     Dude she works for me.  I try to keep our relationship a working one.  If she asks for advice, i’ll give what I can to help.


     So let’s talk about Iraq for a second…

     why is it fair that I have to pay for that?


     So answer…


     You pay for a bunch of thing you might not believe in with your taxes… Democratic Government officials, stupid earmarked projects in NC (and the US), all those goverment funded groups that prove Global Warming exists, the list goes on and on…


     Why the hoopla over basic health care for all americans?


     Is it Pino and his family only?


     Isn’t your $250,000 (ballparked) enough for 4 people? 

     Would an extra (I don’t know, say $500 bucks a year) keep food off your table?


     My family (at less than $250,000) can afford it.


     And the weird thing is that you have a financial advisor.  We don’t. 

     If you fire his/her ass you might just help the poor/unfortunate.


     I’m not trippin’


     Palin/Limbaugh 2012!


     The King has spoken.








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So Dear Flaco,

You have a dear fellow employee at your place of business.  I seem to remember that she has health insurance, right?  And, some time ago, she became sick and went to the doctor’s office.  There, the doc determined that she needed a shot of some kind and administered said shot.  Right?

And then she got sick?

Which caused her to undergo a hospital stay that ended up costing her ~9 grand.

Right?  Am I close?

And you seem to think that this is an unfair burden to be placed upon this woman/girl so early in life.  That somehow, this run of bad luck could somehow destroy her or set her far enough back that she may never recover?

So now, some questions.

  1. Has she disputed the bills with both the hospital AND the insurance company?
  2. Is she taking full advantage of both HSA and FSA accounts?
  3. Given that she has disputed the bills and lost, has she gone to the hospital to work out a payment plan?
  4. Has she investigated local, state or federal aid packages that may ALREADY be available?
  5. Are their local charities that she may apply for?
  6. Does she have family that can help her out?

If she has gone through all of that work and is still staring at 9 grand, do you really think that it’s unfair for her to have to pay for that?  Why?  If it’s unfair that she should have to pay for that, why is it fair that I have to pay for that?



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Pino and little billy,

     So for lunch last night (I know that sounds weird..) I feasted on…

     (And all organic) Grapes, banana, kiwi, apple, 1 lb (!) of raw spinach, raw cashews and raw sunflower seeds, and fresh veggies (carrots, brocolli, and cherry tomatoes).

     But I’m still in training.  Gonna have a ‘last meal’s’ on friday (my choice) and saturday (her choice).

     Then the girl and I join in.  We’ll  update our weigh ins later …

     Yeah, that’s right, she’s gonna try for one week and see how she feels…



king flaco


PALIN / LIMBAUGH 2012!!!!!

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Day 3 Update


Started at 179.8.  Weighed in today at 178.2.

Down 1.6 pounds.

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     Well.  Pino wants little billy to go away.

     So we have a little side bet…


     As soon as he sends me the name of that book.





     Palin is using ‘strategery’… 


     Palin/Limbaugh 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Flaco,

It’s over; Palin has resigned and is out of politics.

Sigh.  We have no hope of beating Barack Obama now.

Too sad for words,


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